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Arsenal Double Club

Partenaire Royaume-Uni
Représentant : Steve Eadon
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Domaine d'activité : Institutionnel
Site web : Arsenal Double Club
Arsenal Double Club Languages is an innovative, award-winning educational programme that combines football with language learning. Aiming to inspire and motivate pupils at primary and secondary level, the programme provides a vast selection of Arsenal and football-themed resources to show pupils that language learning can be achievable, rewarding and, above all, fun! What’s available: Arsenal-themed pupil workbooks for Beginner’s Level pupils, supported by enhanced Teacher’s Notes, which guide deliverers through the workbooks and provide creative ideas on how to expand sessions to include communicative skills Exclusive video footage of Arsenal players who are native speakers of French, German or Spanish Downloadable activities for Intermediate Level pupils, including interactive PowerPoints, worksheets, flashcards and games Coaching guide containing kinaesthetic language activities to be carried out on the playground or sports field Exciting national competitions and events, normally taking place when there’s a major event such as a World Cup or European Championships The resources – produced in collaboration with specialist language partners – support the requirements of the new National Curriculum for MFL, using a creative, cross-curricular approach. They are designed to create a fun environment for pupils learning a language that feels different to regular classroom lessons. At the end of the programme, all schools have the option to bring their groups to Arsenal for a unique Language Day visit, which includes a guided, language-themed tour of Emirates Stadium, a quiz in the target language, a visit to the Arsenal Museum and certificates and prizes.
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